Having Been an Accomplice

Winner of the 2011 Lexi Rudnitsky First Book Prize in Poetry
Persea Press, May 2012


On Writing, Parenthood and Trying to Stay a Little Wild

Literary Hub, September 2016

“White Paint”

Charleston Style & Design Magazine, Summer 2016

What the Amish Taught Me About Breastfeeding

Gawker, March 2015

“In Their Own Words: Laura Cronk”

Poetry Society of America, Spring 2012





Having Been an Accomplice

Five Poems

Having Encountered a Three Person God

“Horses” : Hysteria: Writing the Female Body, E. Kristin Anderson ed. (Sable Books, forthcoming 2017)

“How Long Shall I Wait”: Traveler’s Vade Mecum, Helen Klein Ross ed. (Red Hen Press, Oct. 2016)

“Sestina for a Sister” The Incredible Sestina Anthology, Daniel Nester ed. (McSweeney’s Books, 2013)

“From the Other” The Best American Erotic Poems, David Lehman ed. (Scribner, 2008)

“Entering” Best American Poetry 2008, David Lehman ed. (Scriber 2008)

“From the Other” and “In Place of Memory”Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel, Reb Livingston and Molly Arden ed. (No Tell Books, 2007)

“Sestina for the Newly Married” Best American Poetry 2006, David Lehman ed. (Scriber 2006)

“Thirst” Poem-a-Day series for, Fall 2015

“White” The Curator, Fall 2015

“Poem of Chance” and “Vegetarian Poem” The Literary Review, Street Cred Issue, Fall 2015

“Ancestry,” and “What Poems Are” Mississippi Review: New York School Diaspora, Fall 2014

“Sestina for a Sister” Oh, Comley, UK, Spring 2014

“Before” The Curator, Fall 2013

“Darling You Are the World’s Fresh Ornament” Poem-a-Day series for, Spring 2012

“Selected from the Wheel of Night,” “Midway,” “Having Been Insinuated,” “Traveling among Headlines,” and “Having Been Unprepared”  Locuspoint: New York City, Spring 2011

“Having Encountered a Three-Personed God,” “Poem for a Visitor” and “Poem for the Unrealized” Ecotone, Spring 2010

“Poem at Six Months Postpartum” Bat City Review, Spring 2010

“A Citizen Queen” and “Having Been an Accomplice: A Letter” WSQ, Spring / Summer 2010

“Having Been Bitten” Red Line Blues, Spring 2010

“Having at Least Dressed Appropriately,” “Having Committed Something Like an Act of Penance,” and “Having Paraded Over the Bridge” H.O.W. Journal, Spring 2009

“Bawdy” Barrow Street, Spring 2008

“Toward the Waterfront,”  “In the Middle,” “Dining with the President,” and “Passing Unmarked” RealPoetik, September 2007

“Having Been Turned Down,” “Entering” and “Up From the Bargaining Table” Lyric Poetry Review, Spring 2007

“Collapse” and “Horse neck-deep in water” Conduit, Fall 2006

“Wooing One of Us” and “Sestina for the Newly Married” LIT, Spring 2005

“Lying in the Arms of the President,” “Giving Birth to the President’s Child,” “Dreaming of the President” and “For the Good of the People, Appealing To the President’s Sense of Smell The Melic Review, Spring 2005

“From the Other,” “A Public Body,” “In Place of Memory” and “Unsayable” No Tell Motel, Fall 2005


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